PEPC Night with the Giants

June 28, 2017


The PEPC Magic


On Tuesday evening, June 27, 2017, about 80 members and guests of PEPC attended the Giants vs Rockies baseball game at AT&T Park.  We have won all the annual PEPC Giants games over the past several years, but with the Giants in the cellar this season, I was concerned.  Would the magic still work?


The evening began with an amazing tailgate party with drinks (provided by SGC Financial), snacks, the famous Curevaball sliders, and the friendship and informal networking of professional members and their friends and families.  Walking from the tailgate to the stadium we got a view of the spray boat from the Fire Department and some human sharks on paddle boards swallow up any ball that dropped into McCovey Cove over the right field wall.  We entered the Park and the game began.  We had 80 seats in a block – most of which were filled.


The Giants put the first score on the board, but the Rockies eventually led in the 6th 3-2.  At one point a foul ball was hit our way and Brett tried to grab it.  He didn't get the ball, but he did get a swollen hand trying to catch it!  Those balls come fast.  The stadium attendants quickly came to the rescue with ice.


The Giants tied it up in the 8th and by the end of the 9th inning the game was tied 3-3.  The Giants came close one inning, with a man on third, but they couldn't get him home.  And so the game went on in the 10th, the 11th, the 12th, the 13th and the 14th innings with no score.  The dwindling group of fans was encouraged to make noise to keep the Seagulls from taking over the field.  The clock moved to midnight.

Finally, Hernandez made it to 2nd base and when Span singled to right field, Hernandez made it home in the bottom of the 14th to win 4-3 over the Rockies for the second time in two days.  By this time there were only four of us die-hards from the original 80 left at the Park.


The consistent record of winning the annual PEPC games is intact.  The magic is still there!