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President's Message

Dear Fellow PEPC Members,

It is my honor to serve as President of the Peninsula Estate Planning Council (PEPC) for the 2019-2020 year. I am thankful that I have an opportunity to lead and work to grow our Association, along with the Officers and Board of Directors. It is the Board and its members that make this Association such a pleasure to serve! 


I joined PEPC, as I was seeking to develop a richer understanding of estate planning and a network of like-minded individuals to share ideas and clients with. While these relationships did not form overnight, I found that the more time and effort I put into our Association, the more I got out of it.  Before each meeting, attendees have an opportunity to network with each other and learn about the various professionals that make up this dynamic group. Most of our meetings include receptions co-sponsored by a PEPC member who, in return for co-sponsoring the evening, is given the opportunity to address a captive audience and talk about their particular profession.


The purpose of PEPC is set forth in our Articles of Association which state:

"The objects and purposes of the Council shall be to promote knowledge of and interest in estate planning and related subjects; to provide a forum where trust officers, attorneys, accountants, life underwriters and other professionals whose practice pertains to the arena of estate planning may exchange views and become better acquainted with each other and their work; to foster intelligent cooperation among practitioners in these fields and to promote a better understanding of the proper relationship which the work of each bears to the others; and generally to promote the best interests of the members and that of the general public through helpful service in matters of estate planning." 


In keeping with these precepts, we have expanded our educational opportunities to include a Post-Heckerling session during which the highlights of the annual Heckerling Institute Conference are shared by excellent speakers. In recent years, networking opportunities have been expanded to include an organized tailgate and Giant’s Game, a Mid-Summer Mixer with other like-mined professional. Both events offer excellent platforms for collaboration and just plain fun.

In addition to networking opportunities, each monthly meeting includes a presentation by one or more professionals addressing relevant areas of interest to the members. In addition to our annual presentations on tax updates and charitable giving, we have presentations with specialists who address timely issues across multiple disciplines. We have a Speaker Committee made up of board members as well as general members tasked with inviting speakers to educate and address topics of interest to the membership.


If you are interested in becoming more involved with PEPC, there are many different opportunities available to the general members. In addition to serving as an Officer or Board Member, you can now join a committee. In the last several years, we have organized several different committees, including a Speaker Committee, Membership Committee, Networking / Collaboration Committee, Facilities Committee, Marketing Committee and Sponsorship Committee. We welcome membership participation in any one of these groups and if you have questions about a group or have an idea you would like to share; you can contact me or any other Officer or Board Member. The names and contact information for each Officer and Board Member are easily accessible on our website which I invite you to explore.


Our meetings are held monthly and are usually on the first Wednesday of each month through May. The exceptions are in January of 2020 when the meeting will be on the second Wednesday of the month, in February of 2020 when we will join the San Mateo County Bar Associations’ Estate Planning & Probate Section for the Post Heckerling lunch program on February 14, 2020 and April of 2020 when there will be no meeting out of respect to our hard-working tax professionals.


It is with great pleasure and pride in our Association that I invite you to come to our next meeting and experience what has led so many of us to join this dynamic organization.  


So, please sign up to come to our next meeting to appreciate all aspects of our Association.  I look forward to greeting you and having you involved in our continued success!



Steve Parker